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As specialist of squalane production for cosmetic industries since 1988, Sophim is a fine chemical company located in Peyruis, Provence, South of France.

In the last few years, Sophim has developed a range of natural, oil-free and vegetable products, for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

As an expert in lipochemistry, Sophim utilises its own production facilities width advanced technology equipment: short path distillation, saponification units, refining workshops and hydrogenation vessels.

Warehouse, laboratory and offices are located in the same area, so that each person is dedicated to the same objective: to satisfy the customers needs with speed, quality and flexibility.

Today, Sophim manufactures and markets squalene, squalane, esters, waxes, polymers and vegetable oils and butters.

A wide line of SHEA BUTTER derived products has been recently developed for personal care formulations. Sophim controls the quality for each product from the source in Africa until the packaging in the factory.

This line is based on the "NATURAL - FUNCTIONAL - LOW COST" concept. This helps the R & D people who design cosmetic finished products to choose the right SHEA BUTTER ingredient, perfectly adapted to their needs and to the consumers' demand.
Products designed from Nature
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